Catch the Rainbow

The Brief
Festival of Colour. To imagine an international event that seeks to celebrate and explore the wonder of colour. 

Sometimes we forget that it is a blessing to be able to see. Celebrating colours through the bending of light, to see the world through a different light, to see colours through a different light – Catch The Rainbow.

Colours and Light 
Colours are an invention of the eye and brain. Objectively there are no reds, blues, greens
or yellows — just wavelengths of light and electromagnetic radiation. Through refraction, 
white light are separated into its constituent wavelengths. The brain interprets the information received by light receptors in the eye to define these different wavelengths as colours.

Custom typography (based on Aldo by Sacha Rein) is crafted based on the principle of refraction — the bending of light rays.
See colours through a different light
Sometimes, if we see things through a different angle, we see different colours — and that would have made all the difference.

Ambient Bus Station

Digital Light Art Projection
The festival is designed in collaboration with Team Lab Japan, providing an interactive experience to see and experience colours, through a different light.  
Catch The Rainbow – See colours through a different light
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